Fallen Night

Akkadian Cutthroats

  • Akkadian cultists knew we were going to see the sage, suspect one of us has a “key” that they want destroyed (thrown into the sea).
  • William has been working for the Sage for a while.
  • Ulric & I were sent by allies of the Sage.
  • Brom was not expected by the Sage – his friend Taggert (who was summoned by the Sage) was murdered & sent Brom here.
  • * Taggert mentioned Morn Tanavir before dying.

Note found on Logan’s body:
Logan—one of the scum with the wolf-tooth has the key. Kill them and dump it with their corpses into the sea for Ningazul to sort out. No one should ever have it—don’t think of keeping it to sell—the Akkadian says the curse will take any who hold it.



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