Fallen Night

Into Kaynfort

Post is added as a secret to be a place holder and I will try to add “completed” parts as I get to them. Again, anything you would like to add or detail, feel free to edit or respond to.

William brushed away another layer of dried, giant cobwebs. A mere 10 feet into the tunnel and he already started to feel claustrophobic, the spiderwebs creating an uncomfortable cocoon.

“I wonder if it is up to the Bronze to grant patience?” He kept his voice low a while thinking of the old man’s odd quest for the materials for his flying machine and his companions who didn’t seem too anxious to take their places beside him in this tunnel. Another “Shhhh” from the lighting elf might delay him on his return north to complete a crusade of elficide. He also had to squelch his desire to lecture the nature-kin as to the hunting instincts of spiders being that they rely more on sensing the vibrations in their webbing than their ears. The fucking vermin already knew the four potential meals were in the tunnel.

The light that the Barrowman cast on the pebble that he threw down the tunnel was plenty for them to see far enough in front of them to progress without struggling with the darkness as well as the concealing effect of the spider web. William continued to sweep his arm out in front of him until his motion was stopped by what they were looking for, sticky, newly spun web, the stuff that the Sage was looking for that would give enough tensile strength and elasticity to the trebuche’s launching mechanism to send them close to a mile up. William shivered at the thought of speeding through the air toward a floating land mass.

True to his understanding of spiders, not long after he made them aware of their proximity by touching their web, three pony-sized spiders skittered out of the darkness. Brom stood stunned as the others in the party launched into defensive action. The spiders pressed their advantage from their height in the web by entangling William and Ulric in their spun web. The barbarian’s great strength allowed him to break free right away, but the druid struggled against the bindings.

Once done their ranged attacks, the spiders closed. William met their bites with steel. Within the arc of his blade and the targets elf’s spells, the spiders soon erupted into founts of ichor, but not before managing to sink their fangs into the Northman. William felt the strength leech out of him as his body fought against the poison.

The party continued through the tunnel, gathering the fresh strands for the Sage, wary of more arachnids. The tunnel opened up into a courtyard that was peered into by half a dozen arrow holes. William was glad of the fresh air and the ability to see the sky once again, a freeing feeling compared to the oppressive, cobweb-choked tunnel. Desiccated goblin bodies were piled in a corner of the courtyard, hinting at the spiders’ recent activity.

The same reacted quickly to the entrance of the party and six poured over the walls of the surrounding keep. There was a brief wish that the four of them were arranged in a better defensive posture to meet their enemy as entangling webs were launched at them once again.
The spiders scored a hit on both druids, leaving Brom, William and doggie to face the initial eight-legged onslaught.



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