Fallen Night

Off to Kaynfort

I was delaying posting this list of events as I was trying to put it in a bit more of a narrative like what you find at the bottom (but better). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to keep my head together long enough to focus for the length of time needed for that task. I would like to come back to this and create more of a story, but would encourage any/all of you to add narrative portions as you see fit. I would also like to see the inclusion of the letter that we found on the dead captain’s body in this as it may include details that would prove helpful later. Cheers!

  • Master Dern Zigur’d runs to Sage’s Tower screaming that goblins were attacking his smithy/home
  • Brave adventurers prepare and race to the smithy
  • Encounter warg that mimics a cry for help from recent victim
  • Slay warg handily (upset the DM)
  • Get to smithy, stalk up on it only to be surprised by dusk goblins in the guise of dirt piles they walked right by (not to mention an oversized badger)
  • William immediately fell victim to colour spray by gobo wizard and was out for the rest of the fight (a humbling experience)
  • The other three fought bravely, did not give up at the battle’s worst
    Ereinon’s abilities with lighting gave the bunch of them the what for as they tried to gang up on him
  • Doggie screwed the pooch again
  • Dwarf wife and sons hiding in chimney formation in rock, home burnt to ground

kaynfort.jpg* Home to heal and set out on Lucky Cloud, captained by Massain Gyle, to the spider lair in Kaynfort

  • William tries to play nice with the sailors, fails, but helps out around the boat, rest stay out of the way
  • Given a longboat to land on islets around Kaynfort and move to investigate the burnt out hull of ship. Captain Gyle and Lucky Cloud will return in five days
  • Investigate boat and found that it too was exploring the keep at the behest of -——-
  • Found letter on the body of the captain: insert letter
  • Ulric Greyman was charmed by nixies seeking to eradicate demon croc. Told by the nixies that it is attracted to light.
  • Ereinon cast a light over top of sandbar and awaited the approach of the crocodile.

All paused for a moment to watch a bright light suddenly rocket into the sky and quickly traced it back to its source of the elven druid. William turned, drew his falchion, stepped toward the water and smiled.



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