Ulric Greyman

Smallish and wirey for a human. Dark hair with brown eyes. Age 19


Ulric is a barrowman born and raised on The Drift. Born to Marik and Alara Greyman, Ulric had a mostly uneventful childhood. Marik spent most of his time as a tinker and traveled from town to town with his wife and son riding along in the back of the wagon. Marik was also a skilled tanner and when roaming and tinkering didn’t pay the bills they would settle for a time in one town or another and fashion leather goods until the economy changed and they could head out on the road again.

From a young age Ulric showed an affinity towards nature. Once the boy hit the age of 9 his parents would let him roam off into the forests where he seemed to be at peace hunting and fishing and exploring the mountains and forests on their travels. Often Ulric would disappear for hours at a time and occasionally he would be gone for several days. When he took these long leaves, both Marik and Alara both feared that the boy had gotten hurt or lost as they trundled along on their wagon. However, Ulric always returned and never seemed to have a problem finding the wagon; even if they had taken several turns in the road.

Ulric was responsible for the pack animals on the train and even by the age of 10 he was far more skilled than his father. The boy certainly did seem to have a knack with the animals. He seemed to have the ability to see when the horses and mules were getting sick and knew exactly what to do about it when it happened. Once the boy hit the age of 16 his parents knew he wasn’t going to be a tinker or a tanner. The sales end of that kind of job seemed to be of no interest to Ulric. His jaunts into the forest by this age were lasting weeks at a time and both parents knew it was time to let the boy choose his own path. They gave him a part of their savings and begged him to come back to visit from time to time as Ulric knew the routes his father would take.

Ulric happily set out to seek his fate in the forests, streams and lakes!

Ulric Greyman

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