Akkad the Lady of Vapors, Mother of Plagues

Akkad is a goddess birthed in the far-reaches of Gul-Nedhrais in the very worst days of the ending of the last age. She brought great death to many lands, demonstrating her power and sowing fear in her path. She is also known as a patron of oracles and seers, for often those in the throes of fever will dream true the course of events.

In many lands now, Akkad’s worship is one of placating her and keeping her wrath away. This is balanced by those who seek knowledge of their futures. Both groups of worshipers will endow her temples with riches and wealth, which has allowed her faithful to grown in influence and power.

Akkad is depicted as either a withered crone with pus-filled eyes and cracked skin or as a beautiful young virgin dancing in silks and smoke. Her symbols is an oil lamp, usually brass or gold.

Domains: Plague domain and either Curse or Knowledge domains.

Chaotic Evil


Akkad the Lady of Vapors, Mother of Plagues

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