Creation Legend

Welcome to the Fifth Age of the World

At the start was the Void, neither light nor dark nor matter nor thought pierced the Void.

The first thought was Bau, the Goddess of the Void who gave form to Adad, God of Magic, and Irkalli, God of Entropy. The two Gods were balanced in desire to create and destroy, and so was born the cycle of life. Samsarra the Light of the Sun and Enlikki the Night were birthed as matter was created, giving form to the stars and the worlds that swam around them. Samsarra and Enlikki gave birth to Damkianna, the Earth goddess. Damkianna in turn joined with Adad to create Belarra the Goddess of Animals and Elinarra the Goddess of plants, and life was brought to the universe. Irkalli and Damkianna gave birth to Ningazul the God of Water and to Sabitun the God of Air. Adad and Samsarra then joined to create Sagsamun the God of Weather and his twin sister, Sarrat the Chaos.

Samsarra looked upon the world which her divine light fell, and she called forth the immortal elves and all fey-born creatures of the summer world.

Damkianna became jealous of the creations of her daughter, and in turn gave birth to the dwarves and their deep-dwelling kin.

Sabitun set his intention upon the spirits of the sky and called into being the angelic servitors of the gods.

Ningazul stole from each of the other gods to birth the elementals and their titan-kin, who praised him.

In time, Irkalli grew tired of creation and set his mind to its destruction. He called upon Sarrat the Chaos, and gave her free reign in taking some of all the others had created and twisting them to serve Entropy and destruction. So were born demons to oppose the will of the gods, orcs to slay and murder the elven-kind and goblin-folk to hunt the deep folds of the earth. Countless other monstrosities were seeded by Sarrat before the other gods turned upon her and her creations, bringing war to the face of the world and the realms of the starry void. Sarrat took refuge in the Halls of Night while Enlikki and Sagsamun strove mightily to protect her. In their final assault on the Halls of Night, the gods called upon Adad to lend his judgement to the conflict, allowing Irkalli a momentary triumph in their private struggle which proved fatal to the God of Magic and Order. The death of Adad unleased magic freely and without rule through creation, tearing asunder much that had been done, burning through creation and waking Bau from her rest, ending the first age of the world, that age now lost to legend and only known as the First Spring.

The surviving gods met before the Empty Throne of Bau and agreed to a concordance. The realms of the heavens and the hells were established beyond the realm of the world. Sarrat was bound in her own realm as penance for her misdeeds. Sagsamun was given the power to create humankind and other short-lived folk to balance the races, free-willed and free-thinking. Enlikki’s realm of Night was restored and the damage done to it repaired, though the anger in his heart grew. Irkalli too was bound in his own realm to tend the corpse of Adad for eternity or the collapse of creation again into the Void. The other gods continued to act upon the world through their intermediaries and agents, and failed to pay attention to the evil that grew like a tumour amongst the demons and elementals of the hells.

This was the second age of the world, known as the Summer Age. Elves and dwarves fought great wars between themselves and against the hordes of Sarrat’s creatures. Human-kind and other races chose sides in these titanic conflicts. Magic was plentiful and powerful, and the face of the world was shaped and re-shaped by those who could wield Adad’s legacy without burning out. This age ended when a black elf known only as the Dark Savior rose to rule amongst his people, pledging to bring on an age of endless night.

The Autumn Age was the third age of the world in which Enlikki’s followers led by the Dark Savior conquered land after land, creating the Empire of Endless Night. Demons and other foul creatures pledged themselves to the cause of the Dark Savior, while those who resisted found themselves fragmented and divided amongst themselves. Most of the gods withdrew their blessings from the world and the magic of Adad began to ebb away. Samsarra and Sagsamun bartered with Sarrat in her lonely exile to reveal how the bound gods were working their will upon the world. Agreeing to free Chaos, the Goddess of the Sun and the God of Weather sent the First Heroes into the Well of Entropy to shatter the corpse of Adad and spread his ashes across the world. From this shattering and theft were birthed the new gods of trickery, healing, war, and love. In the final act of the third age, the First Heroes entered the Halls of Night and slew Enlikki, casting the God down into the world, where his fall shattered the great land of Avalon.

The fourth age was the world’s Age of Winter. The light of the Sun was dimmed and the winds of the world all blew cold, bringing a long winter to most lands. Many kingdoms and races failed and died away. The Elder Gods all but turned away from the world, demons walked freely and were only opposed by the new gods and their few followers. After a century of growing darkness, Samsarra sent a call to her children, begging of them a sacrifice that could possibly rekindle the Sun and wake the sleeping seeds of Adad’s ashes. The five great elven kings and their people agreed to Samsarra’s call and sacrificed their immortality, many passing from the world to sail to the Sunlands beyond the oceans. Adad’s ashes woke as dragons, the true children of magic, and rose against the black elf Empire of Endless Night leading humankind to triumph.

The fifth age of the world is the Second Spring. Seven hundred years have passed since the Endless Night was broken. Elves are rare, dwarves are surly, and dragons rule the skies.

Creation Legend

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