Lowall is a village situated upon a good beach with fresh water supplies near at hand. It is surrounded by a low stone wall, from which it takes its name, that stands some 13’ high and is nearly 3000 years old, carved in strange and eldritch sigils. None are sure who made this wall or what the signs stand for, but all visitors to the town eventually spend some time idly tracing some of the carvings by hand without really knowing why.

The village is home to less than 150 souls, most of whom make their living fishing or farming the nearby fields. A shrine to the Elder Gods dominates the high ground of the village, while a dockside shrine to Ningazul floats upon the gentle tides. The boatmaker’s hall is the largest structure in the village and it is where new boats are made, old boats and nets repaired, and where the vessels are stored for winter storms. A smithy and a sailmaker make up the remaining industrial businesses in the village. Most everything else that is needed is either made personally or is brought in across the Weide Bay from Cairnport.

Feddan’s Board is the village tavern, brewer and merchanter’s establishment rolled into one. Feddan the Younger is a grey-haired, tall man with a robust laugh who tends the tavern, brews the ale and keeps track of all trades in the village with the help of his children and grand-children. Most summer evenings will find the village folk gathered around Feddan’s on the common, sharing food and laughter. In the colder times, the men-folk may retire to inside the Board where it is warm and snug. Feddan keeps 3 upstairs rooms for travelers and will always have warm fish stew ready. Despite the small size of the village, it is always surprising what goods can turn up for sale at Feddan’s if the price is right.

The Tower of the Sage lies less than 10 miles south of Lowall and is the usual destination for folks traveling through.



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