Ningazul, the God of Water, Titan-Father

The elder god of water, Ningazul is worshiped and feared by folk of many lands who sail the seas or fish its depths. Legends tell that in ancient days Ningazul would demand the sacrifice of virgin daughters to keep back the fury of the waves from coastal lands. The legendary Kingdom of the Wave Titans was dedicated to Ningazul and stood long against the rise of the Empire of Endless Night due to his might. When Enliki fell, Ningazul prepared a burial place in the depths of the new born ocean for the god of night, and purged the lands around that sea of all Enliki’s worshipers.
All giant-kin are said to be the children of Ningazul, though many disown that lineage.ningazul.jpg

Domains: Priests of Ningazul all take the Water domain and may choose either the Strength or Catastrophe domains, depending on their allegiance to one of those aspects.

All temples to Ningazul are built upon the water, usually beyond the tide line, and are often floating shrines. His clergy will wear clothing of blue or black. The chosen weapon of Ningazul is the trident, and a golden trident is often used as the symbol of Ningazul. He is also pictured as a giant, casting a mighty net upon the waves.

Chaotic Neutral


Ningazul, the God of Water, Titan-Father

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