The Tower of the Sage

Sitting high above the waves of the ocean on a sheer cliff, the Tower of the Sage is home to the Sage of Cairnport.
The Sage is a Lord of the Lithan Kingdom in addition to holding the title of Baron from the Grand Duke of Amrun. Seekers of knowledge come from far and wide to consult with the Sage, though of late he is more concerned with his own peculiar projects than in those of others.

The tower itself is built around an ancient elven structure and soars some 120 feet into the sky, held aloft by arcane energies and divine blessings. One of the many mysteries of the Tower is that no matter how hard one tries, it is impossible to enter the Fifth floor and the Sage is required by ritual to warn against entry to the floors ‘betwist the 4th and the 6th’.

Around the tower, there are 3 comfortable wood frame houses, a smithy, and a long workshop.

The Sage is served by the following individuals:

Master Dern Zigur’d, a dwarven one-legged smith and mule-breeder—his home is a few miles inland from the Tower, but he is often found working with the Sage.

Larissa and Clavanna— these two muscular women in their late-forties refer to themselves as the Sage’s Shieldmaidens. They will tell ribald jokes and stories of grand adventures they participated on before the Sage (who they will refer to as a good lad) was called to the Tower. They take care of the cooking, cleaning and tend the gardens around the Tower.

Tal’kin, Brooze, and Motic— three white-eyed goblins who were freed from a horrid fate by the Sage (or one of his predecessors…no one quite gives the same story) and now work around the tower, cutting lumber, building things, tending the library or whatever the Sage needs doing.

William Jarvis—6’ 2" tall Northron, with wind-scarred tanned skin, a muscular frame, blond hair, and blue-eyes who has come lately into the service of the Sage.

The Tower of the Sage

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