Fallen Night

After the Wargs

A Scene in the Water

image.jpgWilliam felt the sea water lap against his thighs. it tickled with its cool touch, but he knew that it was frigid. The half-elf priestess of the ocean god that was languidly draped across his chest was responsible. She had cast a spell to make them impervious to the water’s temperature so that they could frolick and fuck in it. He had to admit, it was not a bad way to be had, knowing that they were a bit closer to danger, as if the spell had somehow failed or run out, the distance from their clothes would assure a touch of hypothermia by the time they could hope to warm up from the dousing.

“So, this goblin’s giant wolf picked you up and shook you around like a Northron chew toy?” she asked while she traced one of an increasing number of scars that was appearing on William’s body. His attention was focused on the end of her finger, the sounds of revelry over their defeat of the beasts that plagued the farmers of Lowall floated in the distance. 

He grinned, “Well, I like to think that I was providing a distraction while the others were able to test their skills against the goblin, little magic-using bastard.”

“Then you and the gang went out in search of this mysterious beast that was the cause for the disappearance of our livestock?”

William nodded and grunted a “Yup,” when he realized that it was dark, forgetting that she could see better than him by the light of the moon and stars.

“Huh, and which of these nature priests got to dress up as a goat? The human or elf?” He swore he could hear the twist of her mouth into a smile as she imagined the elf ignoble himself by taking the form of an animal.

“It was the ”/characters/druid-1" class=“wiki-content-link”>Barrowman who changed through magic. It was a surprisingly good idea as he was also able to cloak us from the animals we were hunting. Thus hidden, we waited and three wargs, dead ones, walked right at him expecting an easy meal. We rushed them and made short work of them, forcing them back to their place in the afterlife. Even that Brom kid held his own against one of them."

“But, wasn’t that the one….”

“Yea,” William cut her off, he just knew the smile on her face was complete at this point, “that’s the one. Maybe there is some hope for him yet.”

“And you William, if that is your real name, is there hope for you?”

He tried to focus in on a star. “Don’t know. Maybe, if I figure out what’s next, maybe.” He felt her hair brush against his chest in a way that provided a distinctive hint as what would be happening on that rocky beach next. Talking was over.



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