Fallen Night

Approaching the Fortress of the Curse Mothers

The party found themselves peering around a rocky outcrop at the Fortress of the Curse Mothers. Lead there by the grey-folk scouts, Volo and Chlo, up the only visible path through the rocky terrain, the path that appears to lead directly into the maw created by the gates.

Troubling is that the fortress looms over this path, successfully achieving its purpose; to give a clear view of any creature approaching it. Further hampering the party’s decision making is that smoky tendrils blocked approach by air as Ulric used avian form to scout the land and the fortress.

William spoke, “I’m going to start up the path after a rest. I would like your company. The barrow man says there is no activity on the battlements, we should act on that, no the imagined potential for death. If there are creatures in there and they see us, they will come out for us. We will have a defensible place on the path that we can fall back to and our enemies can meet their death there.”

The party pulled away from their viewpoint and settled into their makeshift camp before their next move.

William broke the silence, "Before we move on to confront our next victory, our meeting with the King of the Cave encourages me to speak and reveal my motivations so that if we break our fellowship by departing this plane in a different manner than intended, you don’t have to wait on the afterlife to find out.

“My real name, from before my time with the Sage, before my pirating days, is Séamus Mac Cearbhaig. My father is Cearbhaigh, chief of the Bronze Clan, from the area of the North known as Olkstad, protectors of the coast of the ”/wikis/the-dragon-kingdoms" class=“wiki-page-link”> Dragon Kingdoms. We pay our respects to Myraxadin the Bronzed, The Stormbringer, embodiment of storms, strength and protection." Séamus peeled back enough of his chain shirt to show an elaborately detailed tattoo of a bronze dragon whose head was positioned over his heart, the body taking up most of his torso until lost around his back until the tail reappeared over his shoulder.

“Our lands had seen a scourge from the Northern Wastes one that had been unseen from the time of Legends. We were receiving troubling reports of an evil combination of horrors; the dead walking, demons and magic wielders leading others. It was very clear that they were not going to be stopped or even slowed by the efforts of only our people.

“My father, representing our clan was speaking at a Moot, a gathering of assembled chiefs from across The Dragon Kingdoms to enlist their aid against this threat. We addressed the chiefs and the High Chief Uaithne about uniting the clans and confronting and destroying this threat.”

Séamus’s head dropped as he continued, “While my father addressed the assembly calmly, following the traditions and practices of the clans of the Northron, I lost my temper. I called for the reunification of the clans under a High King,” Séamus’s voice was rising and his head came up with eyes blazing. “There was obviously new threats to the kingdoms, threats that could not be faced as a loose group of clans, but that would have to fought as one people, lead by one king, as in the time of ”/wikis/Maolm%C3%B3rdha%20Mac%20Grudaire/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Maolmórdha Mac Grudaire and Orrin Klo of Ironbeck, the king of the cave. Our time of relative peace had come to an end a big fight was coming our way."

Séamus’s took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. As he continued, his voice returned to normal.

“The High Chief had a skald and having thought back on it over the years, I’m sure that skald influenced the Moot and their reactions to the idea of electing a High King. I was forcibly removed from the Moot and awoke tied to the prow of The Dark Cloud.

“Eventually the boat was lost and I found myself washed upon the shores near ”/wikis/lowall" class=“wiki-page-link”> Lowall. Being here is in part thanks and in part promise to the Sage. As I’m able to assist him in his endeavours, he is in mine. He brought news from the North and the increasing chaos it is being plunged into. To be honest, I’m feeling a great pull to get back there and see it for myself and lend whatever aid I can, if they’ll have me.

“Finding the King in the Cave leads me to believe that there may be some sort of link to this demi-plane and the events in my home. At the very least, if this place was good enough for Orrin Klo to die in, it sure as shit is good enough for me. Beo ghlóir. If there is a link to the last High King’s venture here and his death, it will be there.” Séamus pointed to the fortress in the distance.

“The grey-folk lead us here, folk that have some blood link to the Northron and even some connection to the elves. This appears to be the only path to an unmanned fort that contains answers and glory. Unless our druid friends are able to make us mice rather than men to scurry in, we may as well start walking when ready.” Séamus Mac Cearbhaig tugged his chain shirt back into place, checked that his weapons were secure and waited for the party.


The idea of detouring further north has also been broached—perhaps to seek out the place of lights along the coast, or to foray around the northern reaches of the mountain range.
Volo is adamant that the heroes need to make the halls of the Curse-Mothers’ fortresses run with blood and fulfill the promise of bringing back the Night. He will not accompany the heroes north, muttering of the dangers of the Others.
Klo whispers that she will go where her kinsman of the dragon folk goes. She is not afraid of the Others or the places of legend. She shares a tale told by her father, a great hunter and wanderer, who spoke of a place that shone like the brightest fire, surrounded by a chasm over which a bridge of shadows stretched. He and his companions would not enter this place, though they felt it call to them. All she knows of the Others is that they once traded and shared with her people in the tales of legends, but none has seen them since before her father’s time.


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