Morn Tanavir

The black isle of Morn Tanavir is one of the floating islands of the Drift which completes a meandering circuit of the great island of Lith once every thirteen years. Morn Tanavir was in ancient days the domain of a mad wizard known only to history as the Mad Magi who at one time threatened the nascent Lithan Kingdom with destruction and demon invasion. A century later, the spiritual heirs of the Mad Magi rose up and again assaulted the Kingdom with magic and fell allies. After many a great battle, the island was pacified and placed under the rule of the Lithan Kings, though this has become a nominal rule in recent decades.

Morn Tanavir is a forested island, some 120 miles in length, and ranging from 5 miles width at one end to nearly 45 miles wide at its middle. The heart of the island is a mountainous plateau, often shrouded in mist—a place of cloud forests, ruined fortresses and untamed wilds.morntan.jpg

The native population, mostly barrow-men in origin and language, are a sullen, down-trodden lot who chafe against the nominal rule of the Lithan kings at the best of time. Whispered prophecies speak of a King in Yellow who will lead them to glory and freedom from oppression, but thus far out-right rebellions have not been widespread. Murder and thuggery are becoming more of a trouble than anything else, particularly in the up country away from the Lithan garrison at Havokport.

Due to its unsavory and arcane history, Morn Tanavir is a popular destination for wizards seeking the lore that may lead them to the Greater Paths of Wizardry. It has also attracted more than its share of madmen claiming to worship the Risen Night, as well as the general run of treasure-seekers, con artists, and ne’er-do-wells.

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Morn Tanavir

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