The Blood Gods of the Eastern Empire

At the dawning of the new age, the hill-tribes of Zarakahn were united by the five new gods who were birthed amongst them in a time of blood and war. Pledging blood sacrifice in return for power and protection, the Zarakahn conquered their neighbors in an orgy of mayhem and forged the chains of religion and magic that hold the Empire of the Blood Kings together. While the blood of thousands may no longer be poured daily upon the floors of the great temples of Serri-Kaern, the Empire and its magi-priests still rely on the sacrifice of sentient beings to placate their deities, and the Empire continues to expand onward seeking new victims.

Hiltze, the Murder God

Agintekaria, the Tyrant Goddess

Gerla, the War God

Hiria, the City Goddess

Hilheri, The Grave God


The Blood Gods of the Eastern Empire

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